Junior lawyer’s Division


The British Nigeria Law Forum: Junior Lawyers Division (BNLF JLD) is a division of the BNLF aimed at supporting British-Nigerian junior lawyers and students and solidifying links between the junior section of the respective British and Nigerian legal professions. This is facilitated through the hosting of seminars, events and activities specific to the needs of BNLF JLD members; facilitating mentorship and assistance from more senior members of the profession; engaging with relevant universities, law schools, law firms, chambers, employers and organisations both in the UK and Nigeria; and presenting opportunities to engage with the Nigerian legal system.

The key objective is to ensure that the next wave of young lawyers within BNLF and the demographic that it covers are appropriately supported.

If you wish to join BNLF JLD please send an email with your details to JLD@bnlf.org.uk

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Toks Hussain and Ololade Saromi, Heads of BNLF Junior Lawyers Division